Giraffe Children's Step Stool by Custom Climbers (Pink, Brown, Striped)L, my daughter, is most definitely a 2-year-old now. She wants to be involved and help with everything. She has this really ugly looking step stool my husband once bought from the hardware store for changing light bulbs. She enjoys being able to pull the stool up and “help” mommy cook but I have been looking for something that looked nicer. I found these stools from the Etsy store CustomClimbers and really loved them. They are very stylish but still look like they are meant for kids. An added plus is that they are made by a mom! I love supporting mom-owned businesses!

Lastly,  they are  wood, which makes them durable…now I just need to convince the husband that we need one!

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They have cute styles for boys and girls:

Alligator Childrens Step Stool by Custom Climbers (Orange, Green, Blue, Argyle)       

 Butterfly Children's Step Stool by Custom Climbers (Violet, Caramel, Blue-Green)

Where I found them:

Online: CustomClimbers Etsy Shop

[photos source: CustomClimbers Etsy Shop]