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Bria ApronFirst, happy Wednesday! You made it half way through the week…I hope you feel accomplished because I certainly do.

So, back in December I was searching for the perfect birthday present for L’s best friend and I stumbled across these little gems. I found them at RetroActive Kids and completely fell in love with them! They are art smocks and aprons for kids in really bold and cute patterns from Luke & Loolu. This company was co-founded by a Seattle mom…which you know I love.

Luke & Loolu also have a number of other great products check out their site to see more.

Check out the aprons & smocks:

Vanessa Apron  Alex Apron 

Dani SmockTommy Smock

Where I found them:


in store: RetroActive Kids in Seattle

[photo source: Luke & Loolu]



A couple of months ago I stumbled across Jurnee Products. My dear friend just had her second child and I was looking for something to buy her older child so she wouldn’t feel left out. Jurnee has big sibling gifts that are so cute! Also this company is own by two moms, which I think makes their products even more worth buying. This is another northwest company but no matter where you live there products are pretty adorable.

They have a variety of big sibling gifts from T-Shirts to backpacks to big sibling kits. The also have the cutest blankets for babies:



Where I found them


[photo source: Jurnee Products]


I absolutely love Sock Pals! I bought some for L when she was a baby and she loves them. Actually, tonight before going to bed L said, “mommy, um bunny!” so cute. I bought her the Mini Sock Pal Set because she wasn’t ready for buttons yet. I will definitely buy the big kid ones for her when she is a little older though. And for the Seattle moms, this is a Seattle company, even better!

Look how cute these are!




Where I found them:


[photos source: Sock Pals]


                                                              Choose to Soothe with 3 Aromatic Play Clays from Mama K's                                                                                                     

I love handmade things. I think they make the sun shine just a little bit brighter even here in Seattle. Today, me, L and D were taking our usual Sunday morning walk, we stopped into RetroActive Kids (one of my favorite places) and this product made me smile, Mama K’s Aromatic Play Clay. Handmade play dough is just so cute…and it smells good too, what could be better then that? We bought the lavendar.

Where I found it:

 on etsy:

@ RetroActive Kids: 

The Smart Set all 7 Play Clays in MINIATURE  Mama K's Aromatic Play Clay (Gluten Free) Tube of 5 4 oz. tubs  Gluten Free Play Clay Party for Five  Lemongrass scented play clay (gluten free) 4 oz. tub

[photos source: Mama K's aromatic Play Clay Shop]