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Bria ApronFirst, happy Wednesday! You made it half way through the week…I hope you feel accomplished because I certainly do.

So, back in December I was searching for the perfect birthday present for L’s best friend and I stumbled across these little gems. I found them at RetroActive Kids and completely fell in love with them! They are art smocks and aprons for kids in really bold and cute patterns from Luke & Loolu. This company was co-founded by a Seattle mom…which you know I love.

Luke & Loolu also have a number of other great products check out their site to see more.

Check out the aprons & smocks:

Vanessa Apron  Alex Apron 

Dani SmockTommy Smock

Where I found them:


in store: RetroActive Kids in Seattle

[photo source: Luke & Loolu]



  I saw these through one of my all time favorite blogs, Oh So Beautiful Paper!. These clocks are way to cute. They are from 9SpotMonk and they are brand new. They are perfect for kids who would like to help decorate their room. They are also letterpress. I love letterpress, it just looks so sophisticated and quaint at the same time.

Where I found them:

[photo source: 9SpotMonk]